Umbro have been tailoring the England football teams since the 1950s, delivering smart, innovative football kits for players and fans throughout the team’s most historical moments. Today, Umbro combines their unique insight into the game with the latest in technical innovation to create the smartest

On the day he was named as part of England’s 23-man squad for the forthcoming European Championships, you can catch goalkeeper Joe Hart answering some of the questions you submitted to us via Facebook and Twitter.

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As proud sponsors of the England team, Umbro are keen to celebrate the icons that have made history over the years, the Faces Of England , and they don’t get much more iconic than Paul Gascoigne.

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There's so many stories about Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne that it's hard to know what's true -- so we asked the man himself. We asked Gazza if some of the stories we'd heard about him were true, and he gave us the full stories. Here, we compile all the stories that Gazza has told us into one video, giving you the chance to hear the truth from the man that was there! For more on Gazza and his English pride and passion, head to http://www.umbro.com/facesofengland