Football Boots

Firm Ground Football Boots

FG stands for firm ground football boots, which means boots that have been designed to be worn on the firmer football pitch. They’re best suited to the spring and summer months when the ground becomes drier and harder, or winter pitches that have been hardened by frost. Pre-season or the end of the season, the short moulded studs and blades of a firm ground football boot are going to be the best thing to wear to keep your feet comfortable on harder grass football pitches.

Hard Ground Football Boots

what’s the difference between FG (firm ground) and HG (hard ground) boots? Hard ground football boots are designed for very tough surfaces, where there is very little give in the football pitch. They can also be worn on astroturf or 3G surfaces. Hard ground boots often feature a series of very short moulded studs that provide the grip you’ll need on these surfaces without causing any pain or discomfort.

Indoor Football Boots

Indoor football trainers are designed specifically for artificial indoor surfaces where you might play 5-a-side, futsal or other small-sided versions of football. The soles of these indoor football boots are often crafted from rubber or a soft plastic, giving you the level of comfort and flexibility you wouldn’t get from a more traditional pair of football boots, while the uppers provide the same comfort, control and striking ability you’d expect from any other pair of football boots.

Astro Turf Football Boots

Specifically designed for indoor and outdoor artificial pitches made from astroturf, 3G or 4G pitches, astro turf trainers feature a series of small moulded plastic studs on the outsole, providing the grip and comfort you’ll need on these pitches. All of Umbro’s football boots – the Speciali, Geometra and GT – are available with an astro turf option so that you can choose a pair of football shoes to suit whatever pitch you’re playing on.

Soft Ground Football Boots

SG stands for soft ground, football boots that are best suited to soft natural grass surfaces. On the softer pitches affected by rain and wind that you might expect to find in autumn and winter, a soft ground boot is the best thing to wear to protect your feet and provide the grip you’ll need on the pitch. Soft ground boots feature the longer, traditional studs on the outsole of the boot, often made from aluminium to make them lightweight but strong.