Faces of England

One of the most iconic characters in the game, Paul Gascoigne was the figurehead of the England team during key moments in 1990 and 1996. Inspiring the current England team, Umbro are now celebrating the man that is Gazza.

As proud sponsors of the England team, Umbro are keen to celebrate the icons that have made history over the years, the Faces Of England , and they don’t get much more iconic than Paul Gascoigne.

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There's so many stories about Paul 'Gazza' Gascoigne that it's hard to know what's true -- so we asked the man himself. We asked Gazza if some of the stories we'd heard about him were true, and he gave us the full stories. Here, we compile all the stories that Gazza has told us into one video, giving you the chance to hear the truth from the man that was there! For more on Gazza and his English pride and passion, head to http://www.umbro.com/facesofengland

A behind the scenes look at Umbro's recent photo shoot with Paul Gazza Gascoigne, England football legend and a true English icon - one of the Faces Of England. For some amazing interviews with Gazza, where he looks back over his career and the stories that surround him, plus the full story behind Umbro's celebration, head over to http://www.umbro.com/facesofengland