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Premier League Champions 2011/12, Manchester City have firmly established themselves as one of the biggest clubs in English football, while their Umbro-designed football kits are regularly recognised as the smartest, most stylish creations around. Inspired by the club’s unique history and the specia

A great winner of Umbro and Manchester City's Show Your City competition, this video from Will Clothier features the young MCFC fan and his friends recreating moments from the club's title-winning 2011/12 season in their back garden. To see all the Show Your City winners and to pre-order the club's new home and away kits, head to

Another of the fantastic winning ideas for Umbro and Manchester City's Show Your City competition, this video features MCFC fan Chris Atkinson revealing the club's new 2012 home shirt. Check out Chris' great video here where he talks about his great work as a volunteer for the Greater Manchester Fire Service and his passion for Manchester City Football Club. For more of the Show Your City videos and to pre-order the club's new home and away kits, head to

Celebrating the launch of the new Manchester City 2012 home shirt, Umbro and MCFC asked fans of the club to Show Your City and think of the most exciting ways to unveil the new football kit of the Premier League Champions. Included in this video are some of the great ideas that we chose as the winners of our Show Your City competition, including shooting a new MCFC football shirt into space, climbing to the highest peak in England and recreating some iconic moments from City's title-winning season in a back garden. For more on the new Manchester City kits and to see Noel Gallagher and Vincent Kompany in the shirts, head to

In what must stand as one of our coolest shirt launches yet, today Umbro and Manchester City can unveil the club's new home shirt for the 2012/13 season, worn by club captain Vincent Kompany and one of the club’s biggest fans, rock legend Noel Gallagher.

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Here's the new Manchester City 2012 away shirt, modelled by Noel Gallagher and club captain Vincent Kompany.

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Manchester City have got some superstar footballers in their squad, but that doesn’t mean they’re great actors! As you can see in the video above, City’s stars fluffed their lines, so they’re asking fans of the club from around the world to do it for them.

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Featuring an interview with photographer Kevin Cummins and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, this video reveals more of the moment when Umbro and Manchester City enlisted club captain Vincent Kompany to reveal the club's new football kits. The new home and away shirts are available to pre-order now from

We asked some of Manchester City's top football stars to help us launch their new 2012/13 kits, but as you can see in this video, the likes of Joe Hart, Mario Balotelli, David Silva, Vincent Kompany and Samir Nasri fluffed their lines! Do you think you could do a better job? Umbro and MCFC are asking you to Show Your City and launch the club's new kits - head to to submit your ideas.