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United by Umbro: Part 1

As the celebrations for our Centenary continue, we turn our attention to the biggest European Football Showcase in Germany this summer. Fans from many countries will express their deep, proud, and pure passion for their national side. We love these moments, when we all come together to create memories, special moments and unite in our passion and love for the game.

To celebrate the unifying power of a sport we have loved for 100 years now, we have created United by Umbro, a collection of jerseys showcasing beautiful and iconic prints from our archive and celebrating key nations participating in this year’s tournament.

Each shirt features a tonal graphic pattern generated from instantly recognisable Umbro prints from our Teamwear archive. With 100 years of design experience in every stitch, each football jersey is emblazoned with a unique woven crest expertly designed by revered kit designer Floor Wesseling, founder of Blood In Blood Out Studio, honouring the unique heritage of each nation.

The reimagined England crest incorporates cross-shaped elements inspired by the St. George’s Cross, the symbolic sword linked with Arthur, a working bee calling out the identity of Manchester, our home city, as well as the red and white roses of Lancashire and Yorkshire symbolising both rivalry and unity.

At the heart of the Dutch sits a flag featuring the national crown and a black star, a nod to the long relationship with the African diaspora, particularly the Surinamese people who greatly influence the Dutch game. The red zigzags represent the spirit of constructivism and modernism, embodying the Dutch desire to build and cultivate their own land. Complementing this, the blue waves symbolise the sea.

The kits have been beautifully captured in collaboration with Manchester-born photographer Louis Beaver, know for his unique style of documenting people in football jerseys, combining the beautiful expression of the game through kits with human identity.

Follow the campaign @umbro social media channels or by searching #UnitedbyUmbro. The United by Umbro Collection is available in selected countries now.