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Velocita 5 Elite

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Velocita 5 Elite

Fast isn't fair

The laceless Velocita 5 Elite gives every attacking player everything they need and nothing they don’t. It's a no-nonsense lightweight boot for effortless agility, aggressive change of pace, and streamlined multi-directional speed.

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Velocita 5 Elite

Auxetic memory flex upper

The Auxetic memory flex upper has been designed to meet the demands of dynamic movement. For sudden sprints, the upper responds with maximum flexibility and finesse. For longer runs, comfort shines through on every step. The boot responds to your stride cadence and moves with your foot, no matter how fast you go.
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Velocita 5 Elite

Pebax ® Sprint+ outsole

The Pebax sprint outsole is lightweight and flexible with a stud pattern for optimal traction and pressure distribution.