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Velocita Alchemist

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Velocita Alchemist

Twist Time

The Velocita Alchemist brings seemingly unsustainable top speeds to players and real sustainability to boot production.


Velocita Alchemist

ProWeave Upper

Delivers the ultimate adaptive fit with new levels of elasticity and stability in a single layer upper made partially from recycled polyester yarns - it’s like a second skin! 

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Velocita Alchemist

Biomimicked bee-wing structure

Makes the single layer upper strong without sacrificing a millimetre of multi-zonal stretch. The yarns also provide extra grip and total ball control.


Velocita Alchemist

Pebax Powered® Sprint+ outsole

Brings multidirectional agility, while the stud geometry distributes pressure evenly for strong traction and a comfortable change of pace and direction.