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The sounds of Fluminense FC

From national anthems to good old fashioned terrace chants that have been passed down from generation to generation – music is as much a part of football as the ball is.

Songs, lyrics, and chants – some sincere, many hilarious – tell stories that make up an intrinsic part of club identity. That identity belongs to nobody but the fans that know them off by heart… and sing in unison from the same place week in week out.


To celebrate this unique aspect of the game, we teamed up with Brazil's Fluminense FC to call upon the clubs’ supporters to share their favourite club songs. Supporters took to social media and entered their favourite songs by leaving them as comments on campaign posts shared across @umbro, @umbrobrasil and club social media channels.

umbro-fluminense-every-team-has-one-jersey-crest-shot umbro-fluminense-every-team-has-one-jersey-chest-shot umbro-fluminense-every-team-has-one-umbro-logo-shot

The popular song 'Eterno campeão' and its lyrics have been transformed into unique artwork by multidisciplinary design studio and creative Killa Villa. This particular anthem is sung as a tribute to the strength, glory and traditions of Fluminense FC. In addition to the lyrics, the jersey also features a unique graphic pattern inspired by the famous Copacabana beach tiles in Rio. 

umbro-fluminense-every-team-has-one-jersey-art-details-1 umbro-fluminense-every-team-has-one-jersey-killa-villa-logo umbro-fluminense-every-team-has-one-jersey-art-details-2

Supporters can purchase the special edition jersey now via Stay tuned for more unique jersey's from Santos FC, Grêmio and Rugby Union side Castres Olympique coming very soon.