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YMC X Umbro

Umbro have joined forces with British independent brand YMC to drop a Rugby-inspired capsule collection for Spring/Summer ‘22.

“You Must Create”, aka YMC, was founded in 1995 by Fraser Moss and Jimmy Collins. Originally influenced by workwear and military clothing, their inspirations have shifted to music, literature, arts, and plenty of post-punk, DIY attitude.


For Spring/Summer ‘22, the collection takes its lead from YMC Creative Director Fraser Moss’s love affair with Rugby, a relationship that began in 1970s Wales and still goes strong today.

The collection includes jerseys, shorts, shirts, jackets and trousers using traditional fabrics with design touches, including mismatched stripes, aloha prints and a graphic letter badge.

umbro-ymc-x-umbro-model-1 umbro-ymc-x-umbro-model-2 umbro-ymc-x-umbro-model-3 umbro-ymc-x-umbro-model-4 umbro-ymc-x-umbro-model-5 umbro-ymc-x-umbro-model-6

The YMC X Umbro collection is available to order now via