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November 7, 2019 By Ben Earnshaw

Pretty Green X Umbro: Feel The Noise

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Pretty Green and Umbro are proud to introduce their first collaboration – an ode to vintage 90’s sportswear silhouettes, infused with a healthy dose of rock’n’roll.

The 90’s was a time of vibrant optimism and casual cool. With excitement on the football pitch and Britpop in the charts, music and football became intrinsically connected. You’d see the same clothes worn onstage as you would in the terraces. This primal energy flows through the Pretty Green x Umbro collection.

The collection includes drill tops, parkas, and football shirts, drawing on the influences and heritage of two brands rooted in British culture.

The new collab collection underlines the influence which the 90’s still has over contemporary fashion, as a whole new generation takes to the stage. Music and football remain at the heart of British culture and this inaugural collaboration from Pretty Green and Umbro symbolises our love for both.

The Pretty Green X Umbro collection is on sale in selected countries now.

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Pretty Green X Umbro. Out now!

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