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Who knows what you need to train in, better than the people who train every single day? Why not get their opinion? Why not ask them what they fancy wearing?

It seems pretty obvious now, but back in the 50s no-one was doing it. When we did, it changed everything about how we design. Pioneering a whole new category in our industry, this was training gear built with those in the beautiful game, for those playing it.

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Our first collaboration was with one of the all-time greats: Sir Matt Busby. Together, we launched the Choice of Champions training collection. A range of trackpants and drill tops that brought durable quality from a pro level down to the grassroots.

And it didn’t stop there. In the 90s, the Choice of Champions inspired ProTraining. An iconic collection fit for the highest international pedigree, it even came with its own training tips DVD and book.

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Today, the evolved high-performance range is as visible as ever in sport the world over, with decades of experience running through every last stitch.

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