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Always Umbro since 1924

ALWAYS Umbro Since 1924

It’s 1924. Two brothers — Harold and Wallace — set up the Humphreys Brothers from a cupboard in the back of their family’s pub. Humble beginnings, sure, but you’ve gotta start somewhere.

The pair have their sights on creating something big. Something they’ve termed sportswear. Just one problem though… the company name isn’t quite hitting the spot. They want it to be catchier, punchier.

The answer? Abbreviating Humphreys Brothers to Umbro.

Jump forward 100 years and the company has got a lot bigger than the pub, never mind the cupboard. From Manchester to the Maracanã, it’s seen the lot. And yet, through it all — through every game, every innovation, from one logo to the next — one thing has always stayed the same. The name and the diamond on the front of every shirt. Always Umbro since 1924.


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