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It's a training thing

It's a training thing X Emily

Emily is a bodybuilder (without the competitive side) and a personal trainer. For her, a great training session involves lots of lifting weights and really feeling the muscles working.


Training is an essential part of who she is, which makes her feel energised and alive. It gives her time to focus on herself — it's a form of self-care. Counting reps is like meditation. It’s about getting stronger, feeling stronger and moving forward.


The shared experience of training with others amplifies the energy in the room, sharing the joys of little wins. Emily feels that there’s nothing better than someone cheering you on and doing the same for others. Training gives her the confidence and discipline that can be used in the outside world. 

"I love the feeling of feeling strong"

Check out more on Emily's story on @umbro social media channels. Stay tuned for more #itsatrainingthing stories coming soon.