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The Nations' Collection by Umbro

Football belongs to everyone. And everyone’s getting together to celebrate this winter… including us.

As the Official Sponsor of Our Game, the double diamonds are always brilliantly represented by fans in the stands at every major football event. And Qatar will be no exception.

Through the isolation and re-imagining of iconic colours, patterns and geometric elements from fan favourites such as England 1990, Brazil 1994, and many more to release standalone collections for both England and Brazil.

For the collection, our design team have dug deep into the archives to remix our ten most anthemic international kit designs to create a one-of-a-kind fusion of football, fandom and fabric.

This approach has also been used to create a collection of fusion shirts inspired by classics from Mexico, France, Spain, USA, Poland and Germany.

Each shirt features a bespoke country crest, inspired by each nation’s sporting and design heritage. These icons represent the passion and pride that is woven into the very fabric of the collection.

Fans can keep up to date with the campaign on @umbro social media channels or by searching #nationscollection.

The Nations’ Collection by Umbro is available in selected countries now.