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For 100 years, Umbro has been the ‘kit of choice’ for many of the world’s greatest teams. But our understanding of the game isn’t just honed in 90,000 seat arenas. It belongs to all levels of football. 

And nothing captures that better than Teamwear. Kitting out everyone from school teams and Sunday XIs to international legends and competition winners, the range is designed for the many, not the few. For any player, of any ability, anywhere.  

Taking kits designed for the pros, Teamwear adapts, tweaks and feeds classic silhouettes down the footballing pyramid. From semi-pros to the lower leagues to the U8s, it gives even the most plucky amateurs the feel of a professional.  

It doesn’t half look bad either. Renowned for iconic designs, for 100 years, Teamwear has slalomed from the tailored to the high tech, leaving an indelible mark on kit design — and doing everything but blending in. 

“A uniform doesn’t protect you from injury. It protects you from anonymity.”

You only have to glance at the wonderfully bonkers designs of the 80s and 90s to see what we mean. If those shirts were the canvas, our designers were the artists, creating bold and colourful pieces of footballing genius. From graphics proudly displaying the double diamond to the iconic Umbro checkerboard print - the pros may have brought them to life, but they were the first team name on the team sheet every Sunday morning. 

Today, our archive is bubbling with a treasure trove of Teamwear brochures. Page after page of Umbro jerseys that have graced every level of football — each marking their own chapter in the fascinating story of grassroots football as it’s evolved through the decades.