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ALWAYS Raising The Game

From the moment we started, every move Umbro’s made has been inspired by our commitment to players. They’re the reason we make garments the way we do, the reason we’re determined to keep improving year after year. If the players want it, we make it.

It’s this ethos that sits behind a century of continuous innovation — determined to raise the game on and off the pitch.


Frichshunfree’s purpose was simple: eradicate chafing. But with the addition of an on-brand, diamond-shaped piece of velvet it went one better. Not only adding some much-needed comfort to our shorts, but doubling their strength. It wasn’t long before it was rubbing off on our rivals.


Tangeru Fabric

Tangeru fabric first appeared at the 1934 FA Cup final. Manufactured from Peruvian pima cotton, the soft, moisture-wicking, quick-drying material revolutionised sportswear. It even helped us keep numbers stuck on shirts, fusing two layers of Tangeru together to make them more durable.


Stayput Waist 

It’s hard to imagine shorts without an elasticated waist, but it wasn’t until the 50s that we pioneered the technology. The Stayput Waist helped shorts do just that, keeping shorts where they’re meant to be until well beyond the 90th minute.



Football’s best tournament deserves football’s best kit. And Mexico 1970 was no different. Alongside national coach, Sir Alf Ramsey, we created the aptly-named Aztec jersey. Our first design to use Aertex, the lightweight, loosely woven material helped players keep their cool in the fierce summer heat.


Fluoro shirt 

The 80s were synonymous with bright clothing and neon fabric, so it made a lot of sense when we fielded the first-ever outfield Fluoro shirt in 89. Providing intense visibility on the pitch, it was long before the certified fan favourite was standing out in the crowd.



It’s all very well and good kitting out the pros, but what about the fans? In 2002, we introduced moisture-wicking Sportwool into our kits for the first time, offering both players and supporters extreme comfort without breaking a sweat — whether it was matchday or not.


Reversible jerseys

That same year, we delivered another first for the sports industry: fully reversible jerseys. Supplying both national teams and club sides, on one side a shirt fit for the first team, on the reverse, a stylish alternative for after the full-time whistle.



We partnered with X-STATIC® to introduce its Anti-Odour Technology into a number of kits. Using silver to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi, teams had never felt fresher. And their locker rooms had never smelt better.



In 2022, we launched the Velocita Alchemist. Featuring ProWeave, a patented world-first woven technology, everything on the boot’s upper — from TPU structures for stability to water-proofing — was created on a fibre-level. The result is a lighter, more durable boot, that’s as close to a second skin as you can get.



Much like Umbro before it, Graphene is a proud Manchester invention. And we couldn’t be prouder to use it in our products. Graphene-Wear applies a graphene ink to the inside of clothes — improving their thermoregulation, moisture wicking and air permeability for all-round better performance.


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