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ALWAYS On Our Game

To mark 100 years of giving it 100% in the creation of performance collections rooted in athlete insight, we've dropped a new Pro Training range with a fresh campaign featuring the line “ALWAYS on our game” nodding to our rich history in sports.

Whether your a pro athlete or a novice at the start of your fitness journey – we all need the right equipment to get the most out of our workouts. The perfect outfit can provide technical benefits such as support, comfort and thermoregulatory benefits but doesn’t have to be a compromise in terms of style and fit.

Pro Training is built around the need for performance, durability, functionality, and versatility, so products can be used for all aspects and levels of training. Whether your performing aerobic or anaerobic exercise, training indoor or outdoor – this collection has got you covered.


The early origins of Pro Training are rooted in the 1950’s collection “Choice of Champions” created in collaboration with Sir Matt Busby. Over the decades this evolved into Pro Training, an iconic Umbro Training concept worn by numerous Football and Rugby assets in late 80s and 90s and reintroduced in 2020 as Umbro’s first universal Training collection. You can find about more about this piece of Umbro history  right here.


Like its predecessors - today’s Pro Training collection is borne out of decades of insight working with professional athletes and results in products that enable everybody to ‘train like a pro’, whilst still looking great at the gym.

Take a closer look at The Spring/Summer 2024 Pro Training Men's, Women's and Active collections now. All capsules will be available in select countries from 02.02.24.