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Return to the pitch

We’ve teamed up with our Diamond FC players to find out how they’ve made their return to Football after so long away from the pitch. Next up is Joaquin Nunez from Uruguay.

1.How did it feel being away from the pitch for so long?

To me, Football is the most beautiful sport of all. I felt great sadness during this time away from the pitch.

2.How did you keep active?

Like most players, I had to find new ways of training and keep my skills sharp. I also trained with weights, elastic bands and plenty of aerobic exercises to get myself prepared for the first game back.

3.Did you develop any new training drills?

To build up my strength, I developed new push-up routines. I also got involved in viral challenges such as kick ups with toilet paper and other household objects.

4.How did you feel when you finally got back out on the pitch?

It felt like I was home. Placing passes, finding space and making tackles again felt good. I also forget how much I missed celebrating goals with my teammates. That feeling is priceless.

5.You have been wearing Tocco Pro. How have the boots helped you to up your game?

The Tocco Pro is light which has helped me to give me that extra pace and touch that I had lost in the pandemic. I feel very comfortable with the boots on and just want the ball all the time.

Check out some of Joaquin’s training drills and skills on @umbro social media channels now. Stay tuned for more Diamond FC dropping very soon.