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Return to the pitch

We’ve teamed up with our Diamond FC players to find out how they’ve made their return to Football after so long away from the pitch. Next up is Ronaldo Tipian from Peru.

1. How did it feel being away from the pitch for so long?

It was difficult not being able to enjoy the game that I love so much. On and off the pitch, Football has been a part of my life for so long and to have it taken away was hard.

2. How did you keep active?

At the beginning of lockdown I started training with my father. We focused on strength drills mostly and used different household objects each time. It was tough!

3. Did you develop any new training drills?

Yes. I took influence from training drills that I found online and adapted them to suit my needs. Practicing ball skills, movement and passing.

4. How did you feel when you finally got back out on the pitch?

It was exciting. To be able to play again is amazing and being back on the pitch with my team feels incredible.

5. You have been wearing Tocco Pro. How have the boots helped you to up your game?

The Tocco has helped me to feel more secure and confident on the pitch. They are extremely comfortable during 90 minutes and I feel like I have a little extra edge over my opponents. 

Check out some of Ronaldo's training drills and skills on @umbro social media channels now. Stay tuned for more Diamond FC stories coming very soon.