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Sala BR Pro

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Sala BR Pro

Game Time

The Sala BR Pro is designed for players who have the skills to draw opponents into a dance and dominate the game with every touch, dribble, pass and shot.

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Sala BR Pro

Fusioned T.P.U Frame

To ensure stability, a lightweight mesh fused with a T.P.U frame gives the shoe structure to keep the foot in position and reduce injury.

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Sala BR Pro

Stitched Leather and Suede

On the toe, a combination of leather and suede helps to soften impact for the perfect first touch.

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Sala BR Pro

Cushioned Inner Lining

Cushioning on the inner helps to support foot posture for multi-directional movement in comfort.

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Sala BR Pro

100% Natural Rubber Outsole

A 100% natural, non-marking rubber outsole provides traction and agility, so you can dictate the pace of the game.