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Our Game is about art X Léonore Baulac

Umbro France have kicked off 2024 in style with the third edition of their ‘Our Game is about art’ series.

‘Our Game is about’ explores the links between art and football through collaborations with some of France’s most inspiring creatives including artist’s Jaouad Bentama, Lucy Macaroni and Levalet and more recently renowned culinary photographer Patrick Rougereau.


This third instalment of the campaign steps out onto the stage as a unique collaboration with star dancer of the Paris Opera, Léonore Baulac. Named "Danseuse Étoile" in 2016, Léonorehas traveled the world with the Opera Ballet and illuminated the stages of the Paris Opera through captivating performances.

For the project, Léonore has collaborated with the double diamond to create a unique football jersey that captures the elegance of ballet through a graphic treatment featuring a ballerina’s foot, perfectly poised. The look is completed with a crewneck collar and sleeve cuffs popped in black and white and the logo of Anno's Arts association on the chest.

our-game-is-about-art-x-léonore-baulac-wearing-vail our-game-is-about-art-x-léonore-baulac-football-jersey our-game-is-about-art-x-léonore-baulac-ballet-pose

The jersey is available to order now via . All funds raised will be donated to the Anno's Arts association, helping to facilitate access to artistic education for children in Kibera, Kenya.