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Wasted Paris X Umbro

We’ve teamed up with Paris-based streetwear brand Wasted Paris to drop an exclusive capsule collection for Spring/Summer 2023.

Founded in 2012 by Johann Liebel and Xiang Fang Ye, Wasted Paris has gained a reputation for pushing the boundaries of traditional streetwear. At the heart of the brand lies a deep connection to skate culture and youth movements, which serves as a major source of inspiration for their unique style.

For Spring/Summer 2023, the collaboration embodies the spirit of both brands through classic sport silhouettes, streetwear aesthetics, and the rebellious spirit of skate counterculture.

The collection features wardrobe staples including a hoodie and both short sleeve and long sleeve t-shirts in Black and White. A small selection of accessories is also featured including a keyring and skateboard deck featuring the collaboration logo.

To celebrate the launch, Wasted Paris have teamed up with Slam Jam for an evening of skateboarding and live music. Visitors can expect a celebration of self-expression, authenticity, and the chance to hang out with like-minded communities between 6-10PM CEST on 21.06.23 at 21, Rue de Turbigo, Paris.

The Wasted Paris X Umbro collection will only be accessible via an online giveaway from 21.06.23. Keep your eyes peeled on the @wasted_paris social media feeds for more information.