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July 20, 2016 By admin

Deadly comfort unleashed: the new UX Accuro Pro

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It?s a word you shouldn?t mention in polite conversation ? Comfort. Such a dull, safe word. Comfort is pillows, onesies and snuggling up with your besties. No footballer wants to be in their comfort zone ? that?s the place for the journeyman, the play it safe, hit the percentages and hope for the best.

But what if comfort could take you to more interesting places? Because after all, when you?re comfortable, you can concentrate on making sure the opposition isn?t.

The key to comfort is undoubtedly found in your boots – when your boots aren?t comfortable, you might as well not be on the pitch. But when they do ? that?s when comfort suddenly makes such a difference.

That?s where the UX-Accuro comes in. It?s Comfort . Comfort 2.0. Comfort ? The Next Generation. Ultra comfortable, but sleek, stylish, sharp, with a host of features:

? Dedicated touch zones on the instep that put the wearer in control in all conditions, improving grip and offering a first class touch

? Smooth strike zones in the forefoot that make life rough for the opposition, delivering pinpoint accuracy

? Unique ?pro-stance? outsole stud configuration that aids traction, balance and stability to help players hound the opposition until the final whistle

? Lightweight microfibre upper with a wraparound tongue construction, providing a larger medial strike area so shots make a deadly impact

? Padded collar lining and dipped achilles heel tab provide optimum comfort for from the first minute to the last.

So, we say be brave and admit that comfort is part of your language. Step into your comfort zone, and make it something special. Because in the right hands, and on the right feet, deadly comfort will deliver.

UX-Accuro ? Deadly Comfort Unleashed, and available now.

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