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June 26, 2019 By Ben Earnshaw

Umbro UX Accuro 3 Limited Edition: Our Game Just Works

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We have launched a new model for the Accuro Silo this month in a standout bright orange although it’s not the color that will turn heads. We are looking to push the boundaries of what has been done in cleats with the new Accuro 3 by introducing D30 Technology. Yes, the same technology used by armed forces.

The material was founded at the University of Hertfordshire in 1999 and has been used for a wide range of products including helmets, phone cases, pads, and the list goes on and on. The common denominator has mostly been to offer protection due to its energy-absorbing characteristic. Now, we have implemented it into the new Accuro 3 in the midfoot and forefoot to offer greater ball control as the impact on receiving the ball is absorbed.

The cleats also offer a U-fit collar and Memory Flex technology to ensure a proper lockdown fit. We also added a stud pattern, the Pro Stance configuration, to ensure you can play for 90+ minutes in comfort without a problem. You’re welcome.

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