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Make New X Marqo Fletcher

Earlier this year, we called upon talented creators and designers to share their best upcycled projects with us. From all entries, a shortlist of four finalists were selected and tasked to create a unique project using a mystery selection of double diamond products.

The finishing touches have been made as we conclude our showcase of projects from 'Make New' finalists. Completing the lineup, we have Marqo Fletcher and ‘Motostyle’.

What inspired you to start working on/with upcycling projects?

My inspiration and love for upcycling developed from social media.  I came across an Instagram page of an artist who made backpacks from recycled materials. I was heavily motivated from this and wanted to make cool things of my own. This passion grew deeper as I started working at a vintage shop and experienced the value of second-hand items. You can always make something new again.

Where do you draw inspiration for your projects?

Most of my projects are inspired by the art of nature itself. I tend to use the things that are around me, keep them in mind and incorporate them into my designs.

Which methods and materials do you to prefer to use to create your projects?

The methods I use can sometimes vary depending on the object I am constructing and the materials I use are normally second-hand, vintage, or brand new. I work with most fabrics and primarily with my sewing machine which can handle canvas, leather, satin and denim, all my favourites right now.

You’ve created a special project for the final of Make New, tell us more about it?

The project I’ve created for Make New is special to me along with every other project I work on.I love what I do, being able to take anything I want and turn it into wearable art is for filling to me. I want this project to represent Umbro when it comes to active wear and functionality while also representing myself with incorporating new creative complex styles into this design.

In your own words, what does the opportunity to have your work featured in Make New mean to you?

This opportunity means the world to me. It’s like a dream come true, I’ve always imagined myself working with brands and to have it finally happens feels amazing. Making plans or goals and reaching them makes you want to achieve more. I’m happy/excited to showcase my work with the help of Umbro and to the rest of the world.

Check out more projects from finalists on @umbro social media channels or by searching #MakeNew. On 07.10.23 at 10AM UK Time, each project will be entered into a public vote on the @umbro Instagram stories and we need you to vote for your favourite.