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June 26, 2017 By Josh Noble

Hashtag United in the USA: Hashtag Harry

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We caught up with pro-FIFA player Hashtag Harry on Hashtag United’s recent US tour. 

How’s your trip to New York been?

The trip to New York has been quality. I got called up about eight hours before my flight midnight on Monday (vice-captain) Seb (Carmichael-Brown) messaged me on WhatsApp and asked if I wanted to come to New York. Since I’ve been here, I’ve taken every day as it’s come and done my best to make the most of it.

How does it feel to play for Hashtag United?

It’s been absolutely fantastic playing for Hashtag. I haven’t played real football for the team for five months as I’ve been focussed on winning things on the eSports front. Fortunately, I had a free weekend to enable me to come on this trip. Now I feel like a real part of the team and it’s great to see everyone again. 

Tell us about your new YouTube channel ‘Hashtag Harry’?

I started my FIFA channel recently which thanks to Spencer (FC) exploded quickly. I focus on making my content entertaining, doing things like FIFA FUT champions with different nations and using poor teams. I do tutorials now and then to help people improve on the game too.

 What was it like to win the Spencer FC Game Academy?

Winning the Spencer FC Game Academy was a life-changing moment for me. When I got to the final I had to score two goals in eight FIFA minutes to win it so you’re talking about less than one minute of real time. I scored the two goals, the second with the last kick of the game and suddenly I won a contract with Hashtag. It was an incredible moment.

Where do you see eSports going in the next year?

Well, this is the first year that FIFA has blown up in eSports so it’s only going to get bigger.

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