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Return to the pitch

We’ve teamed up with our Diamond FC players to find out how they’ve made their return to Football after so long away from the pitch. First up is Jay Jones from the UK.

1. How did it feel being away from the pitch for so long?

It was quite surreal, to be honest. Many of my daily routines were taken away from me. Knowing you are going to wake up and go and sit on the sofa, maybe go for one walk each day was something I would never have expected in life.

jay-jones-diamond-fc-uk-with-velocita-pro jay-jones-diamond-fc-kicking-the-ball jay-jones-umbro-diamond-fc-taking-shot

2. How did you keep active?

Trying to break the 5km world record was fun. I was only about 7 minutes away from beating it in the end. With the amount of running I was doing, I probably should have gone into athletics.

3. Did you develop any new training drills?

I swapped grass for concrete and used a nearby car park. The brick walls came in useful for practising my passing, turning and receiving.

jay-jones-umbro-diamond-fc-passing-the-ball jay-jones-umbro-diamond-fc-holding-velocita-pro jay-jones-umbro-diamond-fc-velocita-pro

4. How did you feel when you finally got back out on the pitch?

Initially, I was quite cautious. This was the first slice of normality that I got back. Players on your back, avoiding tackles, passing to feet and shooting are all things you have to get used to again and very quickly. Having that normality felt good and now it's become a routine again.

5. You have been wearing Velocita Pro. How have the boots helped you to up your game?

The boots are so light. I feel like I'm gliding across the pitch. Continuously wearing the same boots helps with consistency and feeling comfortable with each action I do on the pitch. I look forward to seeing how the Velocita Pro continues to develop my game.

Check out some of Jay's training drills and skills on @umbro social media channels now. Stay tuned for more Diamond FC stories coming very soon.