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June 19, 2017 By Josh Noble

Hashtag United in the USA: Hashtag Mike

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Hashtag United’s new signing and first-ever American player ‘Hashtag Mike’ sat down with us at Microsoft’s flagship NYC store and told us how it feels to join the YouTube football team and what makes them such a unique proposition.

How does it feel to be in New York?

I was born in Houston but my Mom is from the Bronx and I’ve had frequent visits to New York which has inspired me to start creating content. I think that New York has a big soccer scene. If you want to go play a pick-up game if its cold if it’s hot, it doesn’t really matter. People want to go out and play. It got me excited to start creating (soccer) content because I didn’t have any studies along those lines I didn’t go into media when I was at college so I had to catch up to produce content.

What made you want to join Hashtag United?

When I saw that Hashtag United signed players at the beginning of FIFA that put a goal in me, I wanted to join Hashtag. I saw the development of the (real) football side of it and I loved that. I felt that with Spencer and Hashtag United he was integrating real life football and the gaming side all in one package. I wanted to be dynamic, I didn’t want to just be a gamer and have those stereotypes attached to me, that you’re just sitting in your room.

You were a late addition to the US tour. Can you tell us how your call-up came about?

My debut for Hashtag United was an unexpected. I knew that Spencer and the Hashtag team were coming to the US for their US tour. I wasn’t in the works to be on the team because he already had 19 guys and in Atlanta, they picked up a bunch of injuries so Spencer said I know I told you we were planning on coming to New York and I wanted you to meet everyone, but now I need you to play!

What gets you most excited about being a part of Hashtag United?

Joining Hashtag United is so exciting for me because I feel like I’m joining something bigger. That I’m part of a movement. Something that has never been done in eSports before, and I’m along for the ride.

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