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Ethiopia 21/22 Kits

We are proud to present the 21/22 home, away and third kits for the Ethiopian national team.

This season’s jerseys are an ode to the colours of the countries national flag and traditional textile patterns known as ‘Tibeb’. These decorative designs are used throughout Ethiopia and Eritrea, traditionally to signify cultural affiliations and for special occasions and ceremonies.

For 21/22, the green home jersey features a pattern of triangular shapes in contrasting shades of green. The look is completed with a crew-neck collar in green and tri-coloured cuffs on the sleeves.

ethiopia-21-22-home-jersey-shot-1 ethiopia-21-22-home-jersey-shot-2 ethiopia-21-22-home-jersey-shot-3

Styled in an eye-catching yellow colourway, the away jersey features an embossed tonal pattern on the front. Further details include a yellow V-neck collar and trims finished in yellow, green and red.

ethiopia-21-22-away-jersey-shot-1 ethiopia-21-22-away-jersey-shot-2 ethiopia-21-22-away-jersey-shot-3

To complete the collection, a vibrant third jersey has also dropped. On the front, it features a wagon wheel graphic set against a striking crimson background. All three jerseys also feature the Ethiopian flag above the hem.

ethiopia-21-22-third-jersey-shot-1 ethiopia-21-22-third-jersey-shot-2 ethiopia-21-22-third-jersey-shot-3

The launch of the new jerseys comes at an exciting time for the team as they begin preparations for Africa’s biggest international tournament in January 2022.

All jerseys are available to order now in selected countries and via